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Day 130 – Does My Faith Work?

Today’s Reading: Numbers 19; Psalm 56-57; Isaiah 8; James 2

Today on the podcast, we are challenged by James to reflect on what our faith is doing.

Day 114 – Every Good Work

Today’s Reading: Numbers 1; Psalm 35; Ecclesiastes 11; Titus 3

Today on the podcast, we look at the good work that God calls us into and that which we are to insist against.

Day 14 – God Fights For Us, Will You?

Today’s Reading: Genesis 15, Matthew 14, Nehemiah 4, Acts 14

In today’s reading, we are challenged to recognize, remember and resolve in the midst of serious warfare. Are you ready for the battle?

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Day 12 – Lament, Repent, Pray & Work

Today’s Reading: Genesis 13, Matthew 13, Nehemiah 2, Acts 12

In today’s reading we are reminded as we look at the state of things in the world, and in our country, that God is looking for his people to lament, repent, pray, and be strengthened for the good work.

Day 1 – Freedom to Begin the Work

Genesis 1, Matthew 1, Ezra 1, & Acts 1
Being declared free and living free are two different things.
Will we use our freedom to partner with the work of God on the temple of God?