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Day 207 – Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Today’s Reading: Judges 9; Acts 13; Jeremiah 22; Mark 8
In today’s podcast, we consider identity and the importance of knowing who you are but even more so who GOD IS.

Day 187 – God Is Not Surprised

Today’s Reading: Joshua 8; Psalm 139; Jeremiah 2; Matthew 16

Today in this episode, we discuss the surprises of life and ways to trust God through them.

Day 183 – Whose House?

Today’s Reading: Joshua 4; Psalm 129-131; Isaiah 64; Matthew 12

Today in this episode, we discuss the importance of home ownership and allowing the master builder to build the house.

Day 182 – Same God, New Way?

Today’s Reading: Joshua 3; Psalm 126-128; Isaiah 63; Matthew 11

Today in this episode, we discuss the ministry of memory that God has with us as he demonstrates the consistency of his love in a variety of ways.

Day 150 – Micro/Macro Jesus

Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 3; Psalm 85; Isaiah 31; Revelation 1

Today on the podcast, we step back and look at Jesus in ways that account for how big He truly is, even as He is very intimate with us daily.