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Day 218 – Deep Roots & Sweet Fruits

In today’s podcast, we consider the fruit of the tree as we look to understand its roots.
Today’s Reading: Judges 20; Acts 24; Jeremiah 34; Luke 3

Day 151 – Bounce Back

Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 4; Psalm 86-87; Isaiah 32; Revelation 2

Today on the podcast, we are challenged to remember our first love and bounce back to the works we once did.

Day 118 – Finish the Walk Together

Today’s Reading: Numbers 5; Psalm 39; Song of Solomon 3; Hebrews 3

Today on the podcast, we talk about perseverance in the faith and our collective responsibility.

Day 80 – Wait for Only Him

Today’s Reading: Exodus 32; John 11; Proverbs 8; Ephesians 1

Today we are reminded of the need to wait and wait and never stop waiting on God. Our allegiance only belongs to Him.