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Day 143 – Providence and Provision (SPECIAL EPISODE)

Today’s Reading: Numbers 32; Psalm 77; Isaiah 24; 1 John 2

Today on the podcast, things are a little different. Rather than the normal format, I share the audio from my IGTV vlog. The episode walks you through a scary moment God used to instruct me on His providence and provision.

Day 37 – The Power of “With”

Day 37 – The Power of “With” by Pastor Fury https://episodes.castos.com/607122a4d5e600-13489926/767742ff-a830-46b5-af7e-b0a65c21fefb-2021-037.mp3 Today’s Reading: Genesis 39; Mark 9; Job 5; Romans 9  In today’s episode, we stop and marvel at the power of...

Day 36 – Recognition & Remembrance

Today’s Reading: Genesis 38; Mark 8; Job 4; Romans 8

In today’s episode, we see some parallels between the disciples and our own inabilities toward remembering who God is and heeding his warnings.