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Day 18 – Small is the New Great

Today’s Reading: Genesis 19; Matthew 18; Nehemiah 8; Acts 18

In today’s reading, we get reminded about God’s call for humility and meekness as we get a clear image of what greatness is in the Kingdom of God. Hint: It looks nothing like the world would expect.

Day 17 – Stop Our Underestimation

Today’s Reading: Genesis 18; Matthew 17; Nehemiah 7; Acts 17

In today’s reading, we are challenged to see the state of our faith for what it is and allow God to strengthen it.

Day 16 – Real Freedom

Today’s Reading: Genesis 17; Matthew 16; Nehemiah 6; Acts 16

In today’s reading, we get a great picture of what real freedom looks like. In our American context, many of us might be challenged and surprised by the applications of that reality.

Day 15 – Wait for His Way

Today’s Reading: Genesis 16; Matthew 15; Nehemiah 5; Acts 15

In today’s reading, we see a clear example of what happens when we get impatient and get out ahead of God. Can we wait long enough to see Him fulfill His promise or will we rush and just go after it our way?

Day 14 – God Fights For Us, Will You?

Today’s Reading: Genesis 15, Matthew 14, Nehemiah 4, Acts 14

In today’s reading, we are challenged to recognize, remember and resolve in the midst of serious warfare. Are you ready for the battle?

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