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Day 180 – Jesus’ Mission Statement

Today’s Reading: Joshua 1; Psalm 120-122; Isaiah 61; Matthew 9

Today on this episode, We talk about the mission statement of Jesus and the implications of it on our own.

Day 130 – Does My Faith Work?

Today’s Reading: Numbers 19; Psalm 56-57; Isaiah 8; James 2

Today on the podcast, we are challenged by James to reflect on what our faith is doing.

Day 129 – Two Against One

Today’s Reading: Numbers 17-18; Psalm 55; Isaiah 7; James 1
Today on the podcast, we reflect on single-mindedness vs double-mindedness.

Day 128 – Answering the Call

Today’s Reading: Numbers 16; Psalm 52-54; Isaiah 6; Hebrews 13

Today on the podcast, we examine the call to the Lord and what God does with those He calls.

Day 53 – Jesus’ Relational Spectrum

Today’s Reading: Exodus 5; Luke 8; Job 22; 1 Corinthians 9

In today’s episode, we dive deeper into evaluating our investment and intimacy level with Jesus and with those we are discipling and being discipled by.