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Day 103 – Rise Up & Stand Firm

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 17; Psalm 20-21; Proverbs 31; 1 Timothy 2

Today we reflect on hope and how we rise up and stand firm.

Day 27 – Providence & Courage

Today’s Reading: Genesis 28; Matthew 27; Esther 4; Acts 27
In today’s reading, I was struck by God’s timing and the courage to step up and stand in the gap for others.

Day 12 – Lament, Repent, Pray & Work

Today’s Reading: Genesis 13, Matthew 13, Nehemiah 2, Acts 12

In today’s reading we are reminded as we look at the state of things in the world, and in our country, that God is looking for his people to lament, repent, pray, and be strengthened for the good work.