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Day 193 – Accepting the Invitation to the Kingdom

Today’s Reading: Joshua 16-17; Psalm 148; Jeremiah 8; Matthew 22

Today in this episode, we ponder whether we have accepted the invitation into the Kingdom of God and whether or not we are wearing the clothes that prove it?

Day 192 – The Father’s Business

Today’s Reading: Joshua 14-15; Psalm 146-147; Jeremiah 7; Matthew 21

Today in this episode, we are reminded yet again…what the Father’s business is all about.

Day 191 – Fairness vs. Justice

Today’s Reading: Joshua 12-13; Psalm 145; Jeremiah 6; Matthew 20

Today in this episode, we consider God’s fairness in light of God’s justice.

Day 190 – How Good Is Good Enough?

Today’s Reading: Joshua 11; Psalm 144; Jeremiah 5; Matthew 19
Today in this episode, we remind ourselves that we aren’t as good as we think?

Day 189 – Bold Faith or Bold Obedience?

“It Is Impossible to Do That!”

Today in this episode, we discuss the nonsense of praying bold impossible prayers?

Today’s Reading: Joshua 10; Psalm 142-143; Jeremiah 4; Matthew 18