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Day 168 – The Rightful Object of Worship & Prayer

Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 22; Psalm 110-111; Isaiah 49; Revelation 19

Today on the podcast, we talk about a harder truth of worship and prayer that may be a real challenge to some brothers and sisters in Christ.

Day 80 – Wait for Only Him

Today’s Reading: Exodus 32; John 11; Proverbs 8; Ephesians 1

Today we are reminded of the need to wait and wait and never stop waiting on God. Our allegiance only belongs to Him.

Day 7 – City on a Hill?

Today’s Reading: Genesis 7, Matthew 7, Ezra 7, Acts 7

This is a special episode being released in the morning to encourage a day of prayer and fasting. We are God’s people and as such we must be people of the Truth, Love, and Righteousness. We must heal, but we must first turn away from lies, idolatry and all manner of evil in our reclaiming the Spirit of God as our true leader and no one else.

This is a hard but important episode.
Let us pray, Church.