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Day 193 – Accepting the Invitation to the Kingdom

Today’s Reading: Joshua 16-17; Psalm 148; Jeremiah 8; Matthew 22

Today in this episode, we ponder whether we have accepted the invitation into the Kingdom of God and whether or not we are wearing the clothes that prove it?

Day 180 – Jesus’ Mission Statement

Today’s Reading: Joshua 1; Psalm 120-122; Isaiah 61; Matthew 9

Today on this episode, We talk about the mission statement of Jesus and the implications of it on our own.

Day 128 – Answering the Call

Today’s Reading: Numbers 16; Psalm 52-54; Isaiah 6; Hebrews 13

Today on the podcast, we examine the call to the Lord and what God does with those He calls.

Day 127 – All the Way In

Today’s Reading: Numbers 15; Psalm 51; Isaiah 5; Hebrews 12

Today on the podcast, we are looking closely at recognition and repentance of sin as we journey closer to God’s heart.

Day 110 – Rock and Refuge

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 24; Psalm 31; Ecclesiastes 7; 2 Timothy 3

Today on the podcast, we meditate on God as our rock and refuge and how important that is in the midst of the significant callings He places on us.