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Day 128 – Answering the Call

Today’s Reading: Numbers 16; Psalm 52-54; Isaiah 6; Hebrews 13

Today on the podcast, we examine the call to the Lord and what God does with those He calls.

Day 127 – All the Way In

Today’s Reading: Numbers 15; Psalm 51; Isaiah 5; Hebrews 12

Today on the podcast, we are looking closely at recognition and repentance of sin as we journey closer to God’s heart.

Day 126 – What Do You See?

Today’s Reading: Numbers 14; Psalm 50; Isaiah 3-4; Hebrews 11

Today on the podcast, we are challenged to see things through eyes of faith no matter what they look like.

Day 125 – Enjoying Our Privilege

Today’s Reading: Numbers 12-13; Psalm 49; Isaiah 2; Hebrews 10

Today on the podcast, we look at the benefits of our relationship with God through Christ and how we can take more advantage of it.

Day 124 – When Is It Enough?

Today’s Reading: Numbers 11; Psalm 48; Isaiah 1; Hebrews 9

Today on the podcast, we are reminded about the dangers of entitlement and the call to contentment.