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Day 156 – The Trouble with Ignoring Differences

Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 9; Psalm 92-93; Isaiah 37; Revelation 7

Today on the podcast, we discuss the trouble with ignoring differences, like ethnicity among others as we look to live in unity.

Day 116 – Breathe In, Breathe Out

Today’s Reading: Numbers 3; Psalm 37; Song of Solomon; Hebrews 1
Today on the podcast, we practice the presence of God as we realign our confidence.

Day 108 – Taking Hold of the Right Spirit

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 22; Psalm 28-29; Ecclesiastes 5; 2 Timothy 1

Today on the podcast, we are challenged to reject fear in our quest to stay faithful to the loving and powerful delivery of truth.

Day 89 – What Will It Take?

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 1; John 20; Proverbs 17; Philippians 4

Today we reflect on our hope level and expectancy. What does it take for you to rejoice?

Day 68 – Reclaiming Awesome

Today’s Reading: Exodus 20; Luke 23; Job 38; 2 Corinthians 8

Today we are reminded about God’s truly awesome nature and our need for a mediator.