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Day 191 – Fairness vs. Justice

Today’s Reading: Joshua 12-13; Psalm 145; Jeremiah 6; Matthew 20

Today in this episode, we consider God’s fairness in light of God’s justice.

Day 181 – What’s Your Brand?

Today’s Reading: Joshua 2; Psalm 123-125; Isaiah 62; Matthew 10
Today in this episode, we discuss our reputations as we see the power of brand in Joshua 2.

Day 174 – A Higher Way

Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 28; Psalm 119:25-48; Isaiah 55; Matthew 3
Today on the podcast, we discuss the huge gap between God’s thoughts and our thoughts…his ways and our ways.

Day 6 – The Eyes of the Lord

Today’s Reading: Genesis 6, Matthew 6, Ezra 6, Acts 6

It is easy for believers to fall into the trap of living life for the opinions of those around us, but in today’s reading, we see some clear examples and instructions for focusing on the eyes of the Lord instead of the eyes of men and women.

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