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Day 44 – Where Credit Is Due

Today’s Reading: Genesis 46; Mark 16; Job 12; Romans 16

In today’s episode, we recognize that it is so important to give credit where credit is due. Job sees this as well as Paul. Let us be challenged to do the same and celebrate those who deserve recognition.

Day 43 – A Redeemed Perspective

Today’s Reading: Genesis 45; Mark 15; Job 11; Romans 15

In today’s episode, we reflect on forgiveness and what happens when God totally transforms the way you look at life and suffering.

Day 42 – Freedom to Indulge?

Today’s Reading: Genesis 44; Mark 14; Job 10; Romans 14

In today’s episode, we explore Paul’s challenge surrounding freedom and love. Where does our freedom end and our love for one another begin?

Day 41 – No More Snoozing

Today’s Reading: Genesis 43; Mark 13; Job 9; Romans 13

In today’s episode, we are challenged by God regarding our attentiveness to spiritual realities.

Day 40 – The Things That Are God’s

Today’s Reading: Genesis 42; Mark 12; Job 8; Romans 12
In today’s episode, we are reminded of the difference between ownership and stewardship. Whose are you?

Day 39 – Truth Without Discernment

Today’s Reading: Genesis 41; Mark 11; Job 7; Romans 11

In today’s episode, we continue our discussion on knowledge of God as seen today in Job looking at the discernment needed to truly minister to a hurting world.