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Day 135 – Living Stones

Today’s Reading: Numbers 24; Psalm 66-67; Isaiah 14; 1 Peter 2

Today on the podcast, we discuss God’s construction work and what he is building as He uses us to complete the work.

Day 134 – Are You Ready?

Today’s Reading: Numbers 23; Psalm 64-65; Isaiah 13; 1 Peter 1

Today on the podcast, we talk about preparation and the battlefield of the mind where the greatest preparation takes place.

Day 133 – Still Chasing?

Today’s Reading: Numbers 22; Psalm 62-63; Isaiah 11-12; James 5

Today on the podcast, we talk through God’s challenge to us to examine our motivations and the challenge of our obedience.

Day 132 – Character that Keeps

Today’s Reading: Numbers 21; Psalm 60-61; Isaiah 10; James 4

Today on the podcast, we look at giftedness and character and the journey toward getting the most out of our gifts, but not at the expense of our character.

Day 131 – But You Said…

Today’s Reading: Numbers 20; Psalm 58-59; Isaiah 9; James 3

Today on the podcast, we are reminded that God is not like Mom and Dad; he never breaks a promise.

Day 130 – Does My Faith Work?

Today’s Reading: Numbers 19; Psalm 56-57; Isaiah 8; James 2

Today on the podcast, we are challenged by James to reflect on what our faith is doing.