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Day 86 – Suffer in Solidarity

Today’s Reading: Exodus 38; John 17; Proverbs 14; Philippians 1

Today we discuss Jesus’ prayer in the garden, Paul’s instructions to the church in Philippi, and our need for unity in suffering for Christ.

Day 85 – Check Your Circle

Today’s Reading: Exodus 37; John 16; Proverbs 13; Ephesians 6

Today we discuss the importance of who you walk with. Their wisdom or foolishness will ultimately influence you to your benefit or detriment.

Day 84 – ABIDE or DIE

Today’s Reading: Exodus 36; John 15; Proverbs 12; Ephesians 5

Today we discuss the significance of resting in Jesus. In John 15, He makes some very clear claims about what the results of lacking connection with Him are.

Day 83 – Every Joint Matters

Today’s Reading: Exodus 35; John 14; Proverbs 11; Ephesians 4

Today we discuss the importance of unity, and our role we play in the building of the church.

Day 82 – Ask or Think

Today’s Reading: Exodus 34; John 13; Proverbs 10; Ephesians 3

Today we discuss our need to believe God when He says he can do amazing things IN us and THROUGH us.

Day 81 – Wisdom’s Table

Today’s Reading: Exodus 33; John 12; Proverbs 9; Ephesians 2

Today we discuss our need for humility as we seek to be ones that answer wisdom’s call to come and eat.