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Day 79 – Hear, Know & Follow

Today’s Reading: Exodus 31; John 10; Proverbs 7; Galatians 6

Today, we examine our lives as God’s sheep and discuss ways to listen closely, know intimately, and follow obediently.

Day 78 – Free for What?

Today’s Reading: Exodus 30; John 10; Proverbs 6; Galatians 5

Today Paul reminded us of our freedom in Christ and its ultimate purpose.

Day 77 – Paternity Test

Today’s Reading: Exodus 29; John 9; Proverbs 5; Galatians 4

Today Jesus will remind us about the importance of resembling our Daddy.

Day 76 – A Heart Condition

Today’s Reading: Exodus 28; John 7; Proverbs 4; Galatians 3

Today we are reminded about the importance of guarding our heart in order to walk in life and not death.

Day 75 – Whole Life Transformation

Today’s Reading: Exodus 27; John 6; Proverbs 3; Galatians 2

Today we are reminded about the distinction between life in the law and life in Christ. We either live life in one or the other.

Day 74 – The Garden Trail of Wisdom

Day 74 – The Garden Trail of Wisdom by Pastor Fury https://episodes.castos.com/607122a4d5e600-13489926/73b97994-3693-4054-a7fc-007d2b9d989d-2021-074.mp3 Today’s Reading: Exodus 26; John 5; Proverbs 2; Galatians 1 Today we are reminded about the value of...