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Day 23 – A Dangerous Loss

Today’s Reading: Genesis 24; Matthew 23; Nehemiah 13; Acts 23

In today’s reading, we are challenged to check our perspective and pause & evaluate the state of things within us against God’s perspective and priorities.

Day 22 – Are We Set Apart?

Today’s Reading: Genesis 23; Matthew 22; Nehemiah 12; Acts 22

In today’s reading, be reminded of the importance of knowing your citizenship and knowing whose you are.

Day 21 – A Ram in the Bush

Today’s Reading: Genesis 22; Matthew 21; Nehemiah 11; Acts 21

In today’s reading, we are greatly challenged on how strong our faith and obedience is. Knowing that God has given us all things, what would we still withhold from God?

Day 20 – Lead the Way to Repentance & Renewal

Today’s Reading: Genesis 21; Matthew 20; Nehemiah 10; Acts 20

In today’s reading, we see the importance of living a life that demonstrates the truth of the Gospel and that effectively partners with God’s word to point people to Him.

Day 19 – Noone is Good

Today’s Reading: Genesis 20; Matthew 19; Nehemiah 9; Acts 19

In today’s reading, we are confronted by the hard truth that we are not good people. Noone is good. So how then can we be saved?

Day 18 – Small is the New Great

Today’s Reading: Genesis 19; Matthew 18; Nehemiah 8; Acts 18

In today’s reading, we get reminded about God’s call for humility and meekness as we get a clear image of what greatness is in the Kingdom of God. Hint: It looks nothing like the world would expect.