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Day 214 – Are You Owning or Renting?

In today’s podcast, we talk about what it looks like to invest in the places God has us on mission.
Today’s Reading: Judges 16; Acts 20; Jeremiah 29; Mark 15

Day 213 – Never Waste Your Worship!

In today’s podcast, we talk about the intersection between worship and generosity.

Today’s Reading: Judges 15; Acts 19; Jeremiah 28; Mark 14

Day 212 – Don’t Be Fooled!

In today’s podcast, we talk about being deceived and the ways to prevent that today and in the future.

Today’s Reading: Judges 14; Acts 18; Jeremiah 27; Mark 13

Day 210 – Do Our Leaves Deceive?

Today’s Reading: Judges 12; Acts 16; Jeremiah 25; Mark 11
In today’s podcast, we discuss whether or not we have a fruit-bearing relationship with God or one that just looks the part.