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Day 82 – Ask or Think

Today’s Reading: Exodus 34; John 13; Proverbs 10; Ephesians 3

Today we discuss our need to believe God when He says he can do amazing things IN us and THROUGH us.

Day 81 – Wisdom’s Table

Today’s Reading: Exodus 33; John 12; Proverbs 9; Ephesians 2

Today we discuss our need for humility as we seek to be ones that answer wisdom’s call to come and eat.

Day 80 – Wait for Only Him

Today’s Reading: Exodus 32; John 11; Proverbs 8; Ephesians 1

Today we are reminded of the need to wait and wait and never stop waiting on God. Our allegiance only belongs to Him.

Day 79 – Hear, Know & Follow

Today’s Reading: Exodus 31; John 10; Proverbs 7; Galatians 6

Today, we examine our lives as God’s sheep and discuss ways to listen closely, know intimately, and follow obediently.

Day 78 – Free for What?

Today’s Reading: Exodus 30; John 10; Proverbs 6; Galatians 5

Today Paul reminded us of our freedom in Christ and its ultimate purpose.

Day 77 – Paternity Test

Today’s Reading: Exodus 29; John 9; Proverbs 5; Galatians 4

Today Jesus will remind us about the importance of resembling our Daddy.