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Day 32 – Good Dirt?

Today’s Reading: Genesis 33; Mark 4; Esther 9—10; Romans 4

In today’s episode, we reflect on not great preaching but great hearing. Check your dirt, baby.

Day 31 – Righteous Relationship

Today’s Reading: Genesis 32; Mark 3; Esther 8; Romans 3

In today’s episode, we take a quick look at religion vs. relationship and the life that Jesus calls us into.
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Day 30 – #NewCreationChallenge

Today’s Reading: Genesis 31; Mark 2; Esther 7; Romans 2
In today’s reading, God highlighted a need for us to look at the traditions and habits of our old ways in light of his new kingdom.
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Day 29 – God’s Checks Don’t Bounce

Today’s Reading: Genesis 30; Mark 1; Esther 6; Romans 1

In today’s episode, we explore our righteousness in light of God’s holiness and the power and sovereignty of God that knows no bounds.

Day 28 – What Are You Sowing?

Today’s Reading: Genesis 29; Matthew 28; Esther 5; Acts 28

In today’s podcast I encourage us to consider what we are putting into the ground, what we are sowing into our lives.
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Day 27 – Providence & Courage

Today’s Reading: Genesis 28; Matthew 27; Esther 4; Acts 27
In today’s reading, I was struck by God’s timing and the courage to step up and stand in the gap for others.